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Into the lion's den... Delhaize 2.0


Delhaize Le Lion / De Leeuw was founded in Belgium in 1867 by Jules Delhaize and his brothers. Delhaize operates in seven countries and on three continents. The principal activity of Delhaize Group is the operation of food supermarkets. In 2015, Delhaize reached an agreement with Ahold to merge and form a new parent company headquartered in the Netherlands.

AD Delhaize Heusden teamed up with Major Tom for their brand-new webshop!
Budget: 14.400 EUR

Above: screenshot from the AD Delhaize Heusden content management system.

Working with AD Delhaize Heusden to create their new webshop was an exciting project that allowed us to showcase our skills and expertise in creating high-quality e-commerce solutions. We were tasked with creating a state-of-the-art content management system that was not only easy to use but also packed with powerful functionalities that would streamline the entire shopping process.

Our team worked tirelessly to create a webshop that offered everything a modern retailer could need. From product management to order management, payment administration to stock control, and availability management to promotion and discount administration, our content management system covered it all. Our platform even included features like coupons management, VAT rates management, label creation, holiday management, and a mailing system to ensure that AD Delhaize Heusden had everything they needed to succeed in the competitive online marketplace.

One of the key features of our content management system was its ease of use. With a clean and intuitive interface, even non-technical users could quickly learn how to manage the website and perform all the necessary tasks. This meant that the staff at AD Delhaize Heusden could focus on serving their customers, safe in the knowledge that their webshop was taken care of.

Thanks to our collaboration with AD Delhaize Heusden, they now have a webshop that is modern, easy to use, and packed with features that are sure to impress their customers. We are proud to have been a part of creating such a high-quality e-commerce solution and look forward to working with AD Delhaize Heusden on future projects.

Our state of the art CMS includes features like
- product management
- order management
- payment administration
- stock control
- availability management
- promotion and discount administration
- coupons management
- VAT rates management
- label creation
- holiday management
- mailing system
and much more!

Discover the online shopping experience at AD Delhaize Heusden here:

And that's just the start...

Imagine a world where e-commerce is not just about scrolling through endless product pages but also about creating your own unique shopping experience. Well, that world is here, and it's all thanks to the power of QR codes!

With our revolutionary QR application, custom QR codes are automatically generated for each of your products. But that's not all! With our web application, you can also download your smart codes and use them in printed media, such as flyers and posters, to reach even more customers. And because each code is unique to a specific product, customers can quickly and easily add that item to their shopping cart with just one click. Not only does this streamline the buying process, but it also allows you to track how many times each QR code is scanned and how many times each landing page is visited.

So whether you're looking to streamline your e-commerce process, drive more sales, or simply create a more personalized shopping experience, our QR application is the perfect solution.

Hybrid shopping

Working with Delhaize Heusden was an exciting opportunity to push traditional retail boundaries and create a truly innovative shopping experience. By integrating iPads throughout the supermarket, we were able to give shoppers access to specific modified product pages from the website, allowing them to reserve their favorite dishes in advance.

Not only did this streamline the shopping process and provide customers with a more convenient way to plan their meals, but it also offered them a discount for doing so. The iPads in the retail store were a powerful tool in seducing shoppers to take advantage of this offer and reserve their favorite dishes ahead of time.

But this innovative approach to retail was more than just a discount gimmick. By introducing customers to the online shop and teaching them how to use it, we were able to create a hybrid shopping experience that combined the best of both worlds.

Customers were able to make reservations and get discounts using the iPads in the store while also learning how to use the online shop for future purchases from home. This approach benefited the customer and the supermarket, as it provided a new avenue for sales and allowed for more efficient use of resources.

Working with Delhaize Heusden was a true collaboration, and we are proud to have created an innovative and customer-focused shopping experience that benefits both the shopper and the retailer. With the integration of iPads and modified product pages, we have created a win-win outcome that will transform the way people shop for groceries.

Below: screenshots from the AD Delhaize Heusden product management system and the online web store.


Meet AD Delhaize Heusden's new mascot, King Leo. He likes to dress up for special occasions. Major Tom helped him find just the right outfits ;-).

Social media revamp

And while we're at it, we are also giving AD Delhaize Heusden's digital channels a makeover and are on a fun-filled mission to find the galaxy’s finest supermarket crew members for AD Heusden.

Ever wanted a workplace where the aisles feel like interstellar travel? Now's your chance! And who knows? Maybe you'll bump into King Leo, trying on his new spacesuit. Beam up your applications and join the intergalactic grocery squad!

Lights, camera, Delhaize, Action!

Finally, roll out the red carpet because Major Tom has dabbled in the director's chair for AD Delhaize Heusden's Social Media movies! We've done everything from snazzy editing to adding those oh-so-professional intros and outros. It might seem like just a touch of Hollywood glam, but every grocery store deserves its Oscar moment. And while we promise not to quit our day job, we’re thrilled to offer these blockbuster additions to our client services!

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