Welcome to Flander's largest and coolest football family: Footinstruct.

With more than 5000 members on a yearly basis, Footinstruct has been the definition of recreational football in and around Ghent for more than 20 years. Boys and girls come together to enjoy their favorite sport in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Footinstruct is not only famous for its weekly training sessions but has gained a lot of glamour for its now famous national and international holiday sports camps.

Over the past years, Footinstruct has broadened its spectrum by adding swimming lessons, multi-sport sessions and sporting parties to their portfolio.

Football school management rendered easy!

Mission impossible? Not for Major Tom!

The scope of the project includes:

  • development of 4 presentation websites
  • member management for parents and kids
  • online registration for training sessions and sports camps
  • training management to create sessions within seasons, training days within sessions and groups within training days
  • allocation tool to assign trainers and kids to specific groups, taking into account their age and buddy preferences
  • accommodation tool to divide camp participants into their rooms
  • planning tool for holiday camps enhanced with print options
  • payment followup for trainers and members crosschecked with bank statements
  • medical profile management
  • order tool for sporting parties reservations
  • automation scripts to sync email with Mailchimp
  • mailing application for transactional email management
  • certificate application
  • multi-level management entries and more...

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