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We've just added another sparkling star to our digital universe - the brand-new website for De Stuyverij!

Major Tom has been busy tinkering with algorithms, flirting with lines of code, and wrestling with CSS to craft an out-of-this-world website for De Stuyverij vzw, the innovative Belgian network of co-creation spaces where amazing people connect, innovate, learn, and yes, sometimes even sleep. After countless nights fueled by space rations (also known as pizza and coffee), we're thrilled to announce that De Stuyverij's new digital habitat is now ready to welcome its cosmic travelers.

First stop on our journey is the state-of-the-art content management system. This is no ordinary content management system. It’s like the Millennium Falcon of CMS’s - rugged, reliable, and capable of jumping to light speed when you need to make quick changes. This CMS is designed with multi-level access, meaning different members of the De Stuyverij crew can manage different parts of the site without stepping on each other's space boots. Handy, right? And let's be honest, who hasn't dreamt of captaining their very own Millennium Falcon?

Our next celestial body on the tour? An upcoming webshop!

That’s right, folks. Soon, you'll be able to trade in your space credits for some incredibly cool De Stuyverij merchandise. Whether you're after a T-shirt that's more vibrant than a supernova or a mug that could contain the Milky Way, we'll have you covered.

The webshop is still in our launch pad, but stay tuned for its grand lift-off!

Now, what would a voyage through space be without some mystery and adventure? And we have a big one. Here's a hint: De Stuyverij’s new website isn’t just a pretty constellation to look at, it’s expanding faster than the universe itself. But don't worry, you won't need a PhD in Astrophysics to navigate this site. We promise it won't be like trying to solve the theory of relativity while juggling plasma grenades... again.

To wrap up this space odyssey, we just want to remind you that creating a website is a lot like launching a rocket into space. It requires careful planning, precise execution, and most importantly, a fearless team who isn’t afraid of a few extraterrestrial encounters. Major Tom is proud to be that team for De Stuyverij.

So there you have it, folks! The countdown is over, and De Stuyverij's new website is now orbiting the digital universe. And it’s not just any website, it’s a testament to human creativity, a beacon of innovation, and a celebration of community. Over and out!


Our partner in crime for this project. Usual suspect Els Verzele from Dear Brand, your strategic and creative companion. Visit her workspace here.

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