Major Tom is back!

Have you heard about the legend of Major Tom? Just as Major Tom was not your everyday astronaut, our Internet Boutique is not a dime a dozen.

Major Tom has a real passion for digital technology. We don’t just use it in everyday life, we actually live for that sh*t! That’s why it will come as no surprise that we set the bar high. We’re not afraid to be trendsetters, because the future starts now.

Adopt, adapt, improve. Adopt solutions that have proved successful in the past, adapt them to the ever-changing needs of the internet sector, and improve the new infrastructure where possible!

Major Tom favors a no-nonsense and to the point approach, where a mix of experience and creativity are the key components. We’re not the one-night-stand kinda guys. We strive to strengthen our collaborations, by building on trust and providing immaculate service. By the way, we’re particularly proud to still count some of our very first clients with us after a 20-year partnership!