Custom invoice applpication for Sanderus

Sanderus, named after the famous Flemish historian, specializes in antiquarian books, medieval manuscripts, antique maps and prints from the 15th to the 18th centuries. Sanderus commissioned us to deliver a suitable solution to combine online and offline sales in a centrally managed platform. Main objective: boost productivity.

Sometimes, the available software just doesn’t cut it. Interesting tools like Invoicely, Harvest or Invoicera to name a few, are great at what they do. They have plenty of features, but sometimes, something simple has been looked over. And then you’re stuck. Or not! Major Tom built a custom invoicing system to specific needs of our client Sanderus.

Features like

  • sending out invoices in multiple languages, with multi-language mail templates
  • choosing to enter amounts including or excluding VAT per line, and have the system figure out the calculations
  • have several types of VAT applied to an invoice with presets that accept conditional logic
    just were not possible in any tool we found on the market.

We’re not here to reinvent what’s been done. We’d gladly use a tool that has proved sound! But sometimes you need that little extra. That’s where we come in.