STAM: discover Gent

STAM is the gateway to the wonderful city of Ghent. The City Museum takes you on a journey through centuries of Gent's prosperous history.

A permanent circuit leads visitors alongside the chronological trail of objects and multimedia presentations that trace the development and growth of our beloved Ghent.

Our work is here to stay

10 years ago, we started developing an ambitious interactive desktop application for what would soon become one of our city's most prominent museums: STAM.

The application was one of the main presentations in the museum, available throughout the permanent exhibition. Just like 10 years ago, our rock-solid app attracts curious visitors from all over the world and it still performs as smoothly as it did during the opening ceremony (the application hasn't failed once)!

Discover how one of our many apps helps visitors to explore Gent today and learn about its past...

Major Tom has developed applications for several of Belgium's most notorious museums like In Flanders Fields in Ypres, Belvue in Brussels, Hallepoort in Brussels, Red Star Line in Antwerp, Open Air Museum of Bokrijk, but also for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam!