Safely guided through chemical regulations

ARCHE Consulting and their team of experts hold a unique track record in the field of environmental toxicology, exposure modeling and the preparation of risk assessment dossiers in general.

They’ve built up in-depth knowledge on assessing risks of chemicals during both the predecessor of the REACH regulation as on the preparation of Chemical Safety Assessments/report in the framework of the REACH regulation.

Online & offline

Arche commissioned Major Tom to create a new house-style and design a new logo for their consulting and consortia branches.

We were also responsible for the development of a new website as well as a simple yet powerful event management tool to allow enthusiasts to register for interesting events.

We also built a mini-website for Biomet:

Biomet is a free online resource for anybody interested in using bioavailability-based approaches for assessing the risk of metals in the freshwater aquatic environment, particularly within the EU Water Framework Directive.

Finally, we built a mini-website for Arche Consortia as well:

Arche Consortia is a newly founded company tailored to deliver complete consortium management services from launching the call of interest to final registration.